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From an early age Cliff Wiley said he always wanted to serve.

“I thought that would mean following in my father’s footsteps and becoming a police officer after separating from the Marine Corps, in October 2013,” he said. “Instead, I found teaching, and the rest as they say in history.”

Quite literally.

Wiley grew up in Fort Worth but has taught Texas History, AP History and World History at the Corsicana ISD, since 2017.

“I’m a teacher, that’s what I love,” he said.

Now Wiley has a different plan, at least for a few years, as he plans to run for Congress in Texas’s Sixth District.

Serving in government should be a sacrifice he said and Wiley said he’s in favor of term limits.

“If elected, I’ll serve no more than eight years,” he said.

Wiley is married with two children.

“While I was between deployments and serving as a recruiter, I met my wife and then fell in love with the area,” he said.

Wiley said his coworkers have been supportive, and students have been excited and involved. He said the administration has been relatively hands off, but have reminded him not to use school property for his campaign.

Wiley, 48, said he believes it’s a perfect time to run for Congress, but he doesn’t intend to make politics his full-time career.

Wiley said he’s running for Congress because he can affect the most change in a relatively short time period, then return to teaching.

Wiley considers him a conservative and acknowledges that he agrees with the current Texas Six District Congressman Jake Ellzey, a vast majority of the time.

Wiley said he thinks Ellzey a Navy veteran is “a great guy.” Just because someone gets another choice on the ballot doesn’t mean he is a bad guy.

Wiley said he disagreed with Ellzey’s continual support of Rep. Kevin McCarthy for Speaker of the House.

“I would have been one of the 20 who voted against McCarthy, at least until the concessions started coming in,” he said.

Wiley said he will spend his time repealing laws and regulations we don’t need, not creating new ones.

Wiley mentioned that many government agencies including the Department of Education are too intertwined in people’s daily lives.

We have to ask if an agency or program is necessary and if it isn’t we shouldn’t pay for it,” he said.

Wiley said he agreed with former President Donald Trump’s foreign policy.

“No one seemed to mess with us when he was President now that isn’t the case,” he said. “I would be in favor of cutting a lot of non-military digressionary spending.”

I know that will be hard because a lot of those agencies have constituencies tied to them, but it’s got to be done, he said.

He said he would vote to abolish the Internal Revenue Service, in favor of a consumption tax.

“The FBI needs to be knocked down and completely rebuilt or done away with,” he said. “Government should get out of our way, and let us do our thing.”

He wants to close the border, and is in favor of building the fence and will seek the repayment to the state for funds spent doing the federal government’s job.

Wiley said he recently visited Eagle Pass, Texas and witnessed people coming across the border with several of the agencies doing no more than just guiding them to where they needed to go.

“We have to stop that,” he said. “Every hour there was a different group coming, and not one time did people say stop.”

Wiley also prioritized becoming a net exporter of energy, goods and resources, and stopping foreign aid to the Ukraine.

“There’s a lot we could do with $45 million here,” he said.

Wiley said he hopes to engage more people in the political process and discussed increasing voter interaction through technology.

“I’ll take all opinions into consideration before I vote,” he said. “I want people who feel like they’re left out of the process to feel involved.”

Wiley said he has already begun going door to door in all areas of the Sixth Congressional district which includes a portion of Tarrant County the Irving area in Dallas County and part of Johnson County as well as all of Ellis, Navarro, Hill, Freestone, Anderson and Cherokee Counties.

Those who wish to learn more about Cliff Wiley can visit https://wileyforcongress.com/ on the net.

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