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Corsicana Independent School District Trustees heard plans for the districts expected involvement in the Teacher Incentive Allotment Initiative. Passed by state legislature last session, Corsicana ISD Kindergarten-12th grade reading and math teachers in the district will be eligible for the voluntary program, and able to earn extra compensation in addition to their set salary and benefits.

The compensation will be based on Teacher observation ratings, and student outcomes which include both test scores and growth of a student’s performance over a set time. The designations of Recognized, Exemplary or Master Teacher will remain with the teacher for five years, and be a benchmark for compensation, based on the socio-economic need found within the campus and the designation of rural for the district. The level of compensation may change and be reevaluated annually and be paid by the district.

Teachers are already evaluated by a number of data points.

Assistant Superintendent, Elmer Avellaneda, detailed the plan at the regular meeting of the Board of Trustees held Wednesday.

“The program will allow the district to identify the districts most effective teachers and place them in areas of need,” he said.

The district is expected to receive initial approval to participate in the program no later than mid-June. The program would start with state funding paying the additional compensation for teachers who earned the designation beginning in the spring of 2023. Data verified by Texas Tech will be captured a year earlier.

Avellaneda said this plan will help to retain and attract the best teachers and have an immediate impact on student outcomes and close the achievement gap.

Trustees engaged in discussions involving equitability and whether or not other disciplines will be included beyond reading and math, so far, no further determination has been made. Trustee, Ed Monk, also talked about other districts which receive a larger allotment poaching CISD teachers. Trustee Seth Brown asked that future regular updates include the percentage of teachers who have expressed interest as compared to those who are expected to receive a designation.

Regular updates are expected at future meetings.

Trustees were also updated on a partnership between CISD and The University of North Texas, allowing students with intellectual disabilities of middle and high school age to participate in the program which will focus on self-determination, life skills and employment opportunities. Students who participate will have the chance to attend UNT’s campus

Superintendent of CISD Dr. Diane Frost provided a report recognizing several members of the district who participated in the Penguin Project which took place last week. Frost also mentioned three state qualifiers in the UIL fine arts competitions. Hannah Carlisle in Prose Interpretation

Erin Jones in Poetry Interpretation and Caroline Mousner in Theatrical Design.

The Board also approved the certification that the districts instructional materials meet the criteria listed on the instructional materials allotment.

Dr. Frost also updated that the district is about where the district expects to be at this point in the school year. Frost reported the district has used 64.55% of the years allotted budget thus far.

Trustee Leah Blackard announced that all Board members have either met or exceeded the annual training hours required in all applicable disciplines

Blackard was also appointed as the Board’s President during a reorganization. Trustee Cathy Branch will serve as Vice President, and Trustee, Seth Brown, as the Board’s Secretary.

Dr. Frost thanked Board members for completing the training and their continued dedication to CISD.

The Board approved the consent agenda before adjourning.

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