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A recent drug bust in the 1500 block of West Fourth Avenue resulted in the recovery of 82 pills labeled Oxycodone, which were discovered to contain Fentanyl, in potentially fatal amounts.

According to Chief of Police Robert Johnson, Corsicana patrol and narcotics officers found the drugs after they initiated a search warrant at a home where the narcotics were being sold.

A sample of the recovered pills was sent to the Texas DPS Crime Lab for analysis and the result came back as being "counterfeit" and contained "Fentanyl."

“The pills that were seized look just like regular prescribed pharmaceuticals,” Johnson stated. “The pills in particular have been counterfeit Oxycodone that are blue circular tablets inscribed with M-30.”

Experts consider the incredibly small amount of 2 mg of Fentanyl to be lethal, but many of the counterfeit pills contain up to 5 mg, more than twice the lethal dose. The only way to ensure that a pill is not counterfeit and does not contain Fentanyl is to obtain it through a pharmacist.

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