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The Navarro County District Attorney's office announced the hiring of George Tompkins as the newest prosecutor in the office, handling cases before the Navarro County Court and the Justices of the Peace. Judge James Lagomarsino swore in Tompkins as an Assistant District Attorney the morning of Oct. 3.

George Tompkins was third in his class at Baylor Law. Prior to his hire with the Navarro County District Attorneys’ Office, Tompkins was a civil litigator for many years, specializing in trademark law. He brings a wealth of litigation experience to the office.

“Mr. Tompkins is intelligent and driven. He feels an urge to doing something good with his law degree, so he’s giving up a lucrative career as a trademark lawyer to become a prosecutor. I’m extremely pleased he’s decided to join us,” stated William “Will” Dixon, Navarro County District Attorney.

Tompkins will be assuming most of Bolton Harris’s duties. Accordingly, Bolton Harris will no longer be the misdemeanor chief for the office. She will now be a felony prosecutor working primarily in the County Court at Law before Judge Amanda Putman, and she will be handling all juvenile prosecutions for the office. She is replacing Andrew Wolf who has moved on.

Robert Koehl will be assuming the duties of the misdemeanor chief position as well as continuing with his appellate duties and duties as a felony prosecutor.

Kenneth Leatherman will be assuming the mantle of the first assistant for the office.

“Mr. Leatherman is a veteran who was deployed overseas, bravely serving our county. He takes the same no nonsense approach to prosecuting criminals that he took in his duties with the Marines,” Dixon stated.

“Mr. Leatherman is such a hard worker. Frequently you’ll find him in the office until past midnight preparing for trial. It’s an honor to have him as the second in command in the office.”

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