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Courtesy photo Col Steve Richmond, member of the Falcon Flight formation team and member of CAF Coyote Squadron of Corsicana getting ready to get in his RV-8 and perform aerobatics with the Team at the Corsicana Airsho Saturday, Sept. 7.

The Falcon Flight a formation flying team was chosen to represent the 21st Annual Corsicana AirSho this year Saturday, Sept. 7, by the Commemorative Air Force Coyote Squadron.

There are two reason for this special recognition. The Falcon Flight is a Texas based formation flying team known throughout the United States for their quality formation flying and because one of the team members, Steve Richmond, is also a member of the CAF Coyote Squadron located in Corsicana.

The Falcon Flight was founded in the early ‘90’s by Col Stuart B. McCurdy of the US Air Force. All of the Falcon Flight team members fly experimental category RV aircraft and most of the Falcon Flight pilots built their own airplane. Falcon When McCurdy retired he began teaching formation seminars and as the numbers grew and the proficiency increased and the invitations to participate in air shows started coming in, the Falcon Flight was formed. They have since developed a unique, inclined Figure 8 pattern for air shows and are in demand at big EAA Fly-ins at Oshkosh, WI and Sun ‘N Fun Fly-in at Lakeland, FL and at air shows around the county.

The Falcon Flight team is currently made up of sixteen aviators. There will be six performing at the 21st Annual Corsicana AirSho, known by their air names, Lizard, Flagman, Jarhead, Luke, Dallas and Shorts.

Steve “Lizard” Richmond lives in Corsicana and is a member of the CAF Coyote Squadron. He was a U S Navy pilot and flew 185 combat missions in Vietnam in the A-6 Intruder. Retired as Commanding Officer of Attack Squadron 35 on board the USS Nimitz. After retiring from the Navy, he joined American Airlines and flew with them for 17 years as Captain.

Jim “Flagman” Averett began flying began flying through ROTC FIP program at Texas A&M. After graduation entered the USAF as a T-38 Instructor pilot. After the Navy, he was hired by Delta Air Lines and flew the Boeing 727, b737, 757, 767, Douglas MD-88 and Lockheed L-1011. Built his own RV-8.

Roy “Jarhead” Geer retired from SouthWestern Bell. He holds an instrument-rated commercial pilot and flight instructor certificates and has logged over 3,300 flight hours. He has flown with Falcon Flight over 10 years. He is an FFI-carded flight lead and is always ready to fly.

Bobby “Luke” Lucroy began flying in 1981 in an F-4. He completed 30 years of military service in the Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve. He became interested in the RVs because of the way the aircraft flew and handled like a fighter plane.

Winn “Dallas” Harris graduated OSU and entered the U S Navy as a Reserve Aviation Maintenance Duty Officer. Later joined Texas Instruments Defense group and continued his Naval Reserve service supporting Naval Air Systems and Naval Weapons Evaluation Facility. Retired as Commander.

Ron “Shorts” Walker began flying 15 years ago and his first plane was a Grumman AA-1A. He built an RV-7A, entered formation clinic and soon gained his FFI wingman card. Joined the Falcon Flight team and gained his FFI flight lead card. He is an engineer at IBM and continues to fly with the Falcon Flight throughout the country.

See this Team at the 21st Annual Corsicana AirSho on Saturday, Sept. 7. Gates open at 8:30a.m. and show starts at noon. $10 per person OR $20 per carload. Military personnel and families get in free.

The 21st Annual Corsicana AirSho features the Falcon Flight formation flying team with special recognition this year. The Falcon Flight was chosen for the Poster advertising he air show and on all newspaper advertising and Facebook advertising.

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