Benny Acock Sr. returned to his hometown of Corsicana Friday for a special birthday surprise.

The retired United States Air Force pilot expected to celebrate his 93rd birthday surrounded by friends and family, but did not anticipate a special guest of honor, one that goes by the name of Little “Lil.”

“I restored my dad's ERCO Ercoupe airplane with a lot of help from a lot of good people.” Dan Acock said. “It hadn't been 'air worthy' for 15 to 20 years.”

Dan flew a low pass into the Corsicana Municipal Airport, landed and taxied in.

“Many friends and family were there,” he said. “Dad owned a lot of planes, but this was the last one. Little “Lil was dedicated to honor the Commemorative Air Force's B-24 Diamond Lil, it was a great day.”

“Mom and Dad did not know that my brother Dan had restored the plane that had been unflyable and in the hangar for over a decade or so,” Ben Acock Jr. said. “He cried, and made us all cry, when Danny did a low pass down the runway.”

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