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Amber Guyger, who is charged in the killing of Botham Jean in his own home, arrives on the first day of the trial in Dallas, Texas, U.S., September 23, 2019.  REUTERS/Jeremy Lock

A Dallas County jury found former police officer Amber Guyger guilty of murder Tuesday morning.

Guyger shot and killed unarmed 26-year-old Botham Jean in his own apartment. She said she mistook Jean’s apartment as her own and thought he was a burglar. Guyger lived one floor directly below Jean.

The jury reached their decision the day after closing arguments were presented. Guyger's trial now turns to the sentencing phase, and both the Jean and Guyger families will be allowed to testify. In Texas, a murder conviction can result in a sentence ranging from five years to life in prison.`

Guyger's defense team described the killing as a "series of horrible mistakes" driven by Guyger's fear for her life, according to The Dallas Morning News.

Though judge State District Court Judge Tammy Kemp allowed jurors to consider what's called the "Castle Doctrine", a "stand your ground" type law, the prosecution said self-defense shouldn't apply to Guyger since Jean, who was sitting on his couch eating a bowl of ice cream, was not a threat.

Guyger had other options besides killing Jean and she acted unreasonably by failing to notice she wasn't at her apartment, the prosecution argued according to the Dallas Morning News.

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