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Eric Meyers last week resigned his position as Chairman of the Navarro County Republican Party, a position he has held since 2018, citing work and family responsibilities.

Meyers is a father of two and the President of Oil City Iron Works in Corsicana. He is also the Coordinator of the Navarro County Office of Emergency Management, a position he’s held for 21 years.

Along with other county stake holders, he has led Navarro County’s COVID-19 response, in addition to the federal disaster declaration due to the extreme winter weather experienced in February.

His resignation letter was posted online prior to the meeting, it read in part: “The Republican Party is not a single person but a team of volunteers who work together to promote strong GOP candidates and principles we stand for.”

Meyers recommended Steve Jessup, a longtime Navarro County Republican to serve as party chair.

“I cannot think of a more dedicated and deserving patriot to lead the party moving forward,” he stated.

Jessup has served as a Precinct Chair since 1990 as an election judge, as a national delegate to the Republican Convention in 2008. He has served as the Secretary of the Navarro County Republicans since 2009. He was elected by a four-vote margin to be Senate District’s 22 Presidential Elector in 2012.

Jessup said he was honored to receive the support of Meyers and the trust of the Executive Committee.

“I want to get feedback from the Precinct Chairs because they are the closest party representatives to the voters,” he said.

He cautioned against Republican apathy.

“The Democrats are coming,” he said. “We can’t allow them to turn Texas. I expect they will run candidates for local offices, we must continue to work.”

The current chairman hasn’t allowed much grass to grow since taking the job.

“We have already begun discussions about the next Reagan Day fundraiser,” he said.

Jessup will fulfill the unexpired term of Meyers which lasts until April 2022.

Meyers vowed to remain involved with the Republican Party once things on other fronts settle down.

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