Gov. Greg Abbott held a press conference Sunday, Feb. 21, following more than a week of deadly winter weather throughout the state to give an update on the state's efforts to provide water and other resources to Texans.

The governor's press conference was at Port San Antonio, where members of the National Guard were currently unloading water and other resources to distribute to communities.

He said power and water are continuously being restored throughout Texas and multiple state agencies are working together to ensure communities have access to water, food, and other resources.

"We are making great progress in our recovery efforts from this winter storm, but many Texans are still without water, food, and other supplies, which is why the state is stepping up make sure Texans have the resources they need to provide for their families," Abbott said.

"I thank our local, state, and federal partners for working together to address the needs of Texans and expedite our recovery process. I also want to thank our utility workers for providing crucial services to Texans who have experienced power outages and burst pipes. Together, we will continue to overcome this challenge."

The state has deployed trucks and aircraft to deliver water to communities, including 162 truck delivers that have delivered a total of two million bottles of water and 1.4 million bottles of water that have been delivered by plane and helicopter.

State agencies are working with local officials to set up staging sites for distribution. The state has also suspended size, weight, hours-of-service requirements, and more to get more commercial trucks on the road to deliver supplies across the state. Meals Ready to Eat, blankets, and generators have been provided to communities in need.

Additionally, the state has waived regulations to allow the use of unlicensed kitchens to prepare meals to donate to Texans, as long as they abide by guidance issued by the Texas Department of State Health Services.

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