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I’d like to take this opportunity to share with you some things that we’ve accomplished at Navarro Regional Hospital over the last year, as well as look ahead at things to come. Our team has chosen some key areas of focus that will serve as a “roadmap” in moving us forward as an organization. They include emergency services, women’s services, critical care, outpatient procedures and growth of our medical staff.

Navarro Medical Plaza opened in April at Corsicana Crossing (next to Russell Stover). One side of the facility houses Medical Associates at Corsicana Crossing, where Dr. Kidwai, Dr. Holinej and Dr. Sawyerr have their practices. The other side houses the Imaging Center, which has CT and X-ray capabilities, with sonography coming soon.

In December, we began performing diagnostic heart catheterizations (caths) here at Navarro Regional. A heart cath is a surgical, outpatient procedure that checks the condition of the heart and coronary arteries as well as monitors the performance of the heart valves. The ability to offer diagnostic caths is an important step in advancing us toward providing higher acuity/ critical care services that will keep our patients close to home.

Another initiative that we’re kicking off in 2017 is Project S.H.I.F.T. Project S.H.I.F.T. is an acronym for Spiritual Healing and Inner Focus Time. It is based on other spiritual wellness programs for healthcare workers that seek balance between their vocational calling and personal well-being. The goal of Project S.H.I.F.T. is to help caregivers focus on finding meaning and purpose in their professional calling, to encourage caregivers to process the highs and lows of their professional life through intentional dialogue and peer conversations and lastly to focus on modeling service for our community. The program will be led by Rev. Meredith Bell.

The landscape of our local medical community experienced significant changes in 2016. Navarro Regional’s employed clinician group brought on five new physicians during the year. These additions include two family practice physicians (Raven Holland, M.D. and Sharisse Holinej M.D.), a new orthopedic surgeon (Jerry Gurkoff, D.O.), an ophthalmologist (Tom Jennings, M.D.) and a general surgeon (Eric Graham, M.D.).

Navarro Regional Hospital added the Break Thru program to the growing list of services in 2016. BreakThru is a medical withdrawal management service for individuals that are in imminent or active early withdrawal from alcohol or benzodiazepine use. The physical symptoms of the withdrawal process are medically supervised to ensure safety, comfort and confidentiality. The average length of stay is just three days and the service assists patients entering into the next phase of their recovery after discharge from the hospital. The treatment is covered by most health insurance providers, as well as Medicaid and Medicare.

Each year, we compile a Community Benefit report, which offers a glimpse of how we touch and improve the health and lives of people throughout the community. This, along with the thousands of dollars of charitable contributions and sponsorships to the organizations we support, is a reflection of the continued commitment of service by the medical staff, board of trustees, employees and volunteers.

• Payroll (349 employees) $32,006,948

• Capital investments $2,405,004

• Property and sales tax $919,090

• Charity and uncompensated care $25,537,114

2017 promises to be a year full of change both locally and nationally. Regardless of what happens, one thing will always be true … we will always be a clinical team made up of caring individuals trying our best to serve the needs of our community. Thank you for trusting us with the privilege of caring for you and your family.

Best Wishes,

Michael Stewart

CEO, Navarro Regional Hospital

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