Trucky McTruckface braved the elements and rode into town carrying Hawkeye, Jasmine and Connected K Thursday afternoon, so the Joyful Noise honors choir at Fannin Elementary School could record the new traffic jingle for 96.3 KSCS.

How did Joyful Noise come to be an on-air talent?

“Our school counselor Shae Edmonds came to me two weeks ago and said KSCS has a new traffic truck, and they need a choir to sing their new jingle,” said Cindy McCary, choir director. “She said, ‘Go big or go home.’ Well, that’s like saying ‘Sic ‘em!’ to a dog to me.”

McCary went straight to the KSCS Facebook page and asked Hawkeye what the scoop was with the jingle. He commented right back, and they began a dialogue. The Joyful Noise choir is an honors choir for fourth and fifth graders at Fannin, and McCary chooses the participants based on their citizenship.

“They will use the audio of them singing on the station in the mornings,” she said.

Before the rest of the schoolchildren joined them for a mini-pep rally, the Joyful Noise children were able to ask Hawkeye and the ladies a few questions. One child asked how the truck got its name, and Hawkeye mentioned an English book he’d read as a kid about Boaty McBoatface.

Another child asked why they couldn’t throw away things in the trash can, to which Hawkeye replied that Trapper, who has been his best friend since the third grade, puts things in it when he’s there in the afternoons and it gets really stinky.

Yet another student wanted to know if Hawkeye was his real name. He replied that his real name is Mark Louis, but a literature teacher in school had given them all nicknames, and his came from the book “Last of the Mohicans,” and had just stayed with him.

The crew had a dance time with the entire student body, as well as faculty, and played some games with both students and teachers. They all sang happy birthday to one girl who turned 11 that day, and there were tears streaming down her face when the song ended.

“Hawkeye didn’t look like I thought he would,” said Dylan Anderton, fourth grade. “And I thought Connected K was a boy.”

Hawkeye encouraged the kids to have a great summer, and to go to the library and read at least one book during summer vacation. A fan of the Collin Street Bakery fruitcake, this was not his first time to hear of Corsicana, either.

“I couldn’t have anticipated how great this turned out,” Hawkeye said. “We were just looking for someone to sing the song, but these kids worked hard on that song!

“This was so great, and we had so much fun.”


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