10-5-19 Joker Warning.jpg

Signs posted on the main doors of the Schulman's Movie Bowl Grille issue a reminder that no costume masks are allowed to be worn during screenings of the new "Joker" movie. Daily Sun photo/Guy Chapman

“Joker,” the new Warner Bros. film based on the popular DC Comics and Batman villain, has made its official debut in movie theaters this weekend.

The film, starring Joaquin Phoenix as the titular character, takes a look at Arthur Fleck, a downtrodden comedian that suffers from “one bad day” too many and becomes a villainous psychopathic clown in retaliation to society's perceived cruelties.

The heightened security surrounding this film, however, is no laughing matter. Concerns over the film's chaotic lead and potential lure of violence have caused some theaters around the country to tighten security in order to prevent any potential threats.

Corsicana's Schulman's Movie Bowl Grille is taking a similar stance to ensure that its viewers have an enjoyable and safe movie experience. Since the film's early opening on Thursday evening, the theater has increased its security staff from one to two guards until Sunday's final showing for the day, and guests will not be allowed any medium or large bags in the theaters.

Additionally, signs posted on the main doors of the theater make it clear that no costume masks will be allowed during any of the screenings.

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