A Navarro County jury found Roberto Escobar Hernandez, 38, guilty of aggravated sexual assault of a child on Thursday, July 11. The same day, the jury sentenced him to serve 35 years in prison.

The victim testified at trial, bravely detailing the sexual abuse. She was supported by her friends at Bikers Against Child Abuse who helped make her feel safe.

“Assistant District Attorney Bolton Harris did an expert job eliciting the testimony from the victim,” said Will Dixon, District Attorney.

It only took the jury 10 minutes to find the defendant guilty. They saw jail letters in which the defendant threatened to have the victim and her family put in jail if they didn’t retract their stories.

Dixon pointed out in the closing argument the unwavering testimony of the child victim and the numerous inconsistencies in the defendant’s testimony and letters.

“The guilty verdict in this trial was possible because of a team effort,” Dixon stated

“Our legal assistant Melanie Cranston said it perfectly: ‘It was wonderful to see the whole office work together on this case. I can say every single person that worked on this case truly had the little girl’s best interest in mind. There weren't any egos involved, no upstaging one another, no politics involved. What a wonderful example of the good that can be done with the right people in charge.’”

“This case was the most inspiring trial of my career,” said Ken Leatherman. Assistant District Attorney. “This was truly a county-wide effort to see that justice was done for a 10-year-old sexual assault victim.”

Dixon also thanked the Navarro County Sheriff’s Office for their help translating the numerous letters, and NCSO Det. Clint Andrews for conducting a masterful interview of the defendant, locking Hernandez in his story.

“The jury sent a powerful message. We will not tolerate sexual abuse of children in Navarro County,” Dixon said.

The State of Texas was represented by Harris, Dixon and Leatherman. Hernandez was represented by local defense attorney Damara Watkins.