UPDATED Aug. 15 at 12 p.m.

Kerens Chief of Police Brian Miers has been placed on paid administrative leave as of Aug. 9 in light of allegations of misconduct within the workplace.

The City of Kerens issued a formal statement Wednesday, Aug. 14 signed by Mayor Jeffrey Saunders.

As reported by the Kerens Tribune, per city policy, a third party investigator will be hired to look into these claims and present their findings to the city attorney, mayor and council who will take appropriate action.

According to the press release, the City of Kerens will issue no further comments until the investigation is completed.

The following day, Navarro County District Attorney William Dixon issued a statement regarding the chief's character, citing his intent to dismiss cases from Kerens Police Department that rely on Miers' testimony.

“As your district attorney, I have sworn to uphold the Constitution and see that justice comes first, not convictions,” Dixon stated.

“Prior to this latest incident, other facts were brought to my attention leading me to doubt the integrity and moral character of Kerens Police Chief Bryan Miers. Based on the accumulation of these facts, I can no longer in good conscience have any of my prosecutors call Chief Miers to the witness stand.

“Accordingly, our office will be dismissing every case from Kerens Police Department that we cannot prove without Chief Miers’ testimony. We will be conducting a thorough review of all pending cases to make that determination. We will also no longer accept any more cases from Kerens PD in which Chief Miers is a material witness.”