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Pam Dudley speaks to attendees about the future of Compassion Corsicana at the Kinsloe House luncheon. Daily Sun photo/Guy Chapman

Guest Speaker Pam Dudley, Executive Director of Compassion Corsicana, shared her expertise and the agency's future plans through an informative program the Kinsloe House presented at its luncheon Wednesday, Feb. 12.

Dudley became Executive Director in April of 2019. After being awarded a two-month writing residency at 100W, she decided to make her move from Maryland to Corsicana permanent.

During the presentation, Dudley explained how Compassion Corsicana serves the community as a house of refuge, working to address and eliminate the the issue of poverty in Corsicana and Navarro County.

An estimated 20% of people in Corsicana live in poverty, but with the challenges the working poor struggle with to make ends meet, the number is estimated to be closer to 50%.

“People have very complex issues,” Dudley said. “It's not simple to address poverty.”

The organization, made up of staff, volunteers and donors, provides social services such as a house of refuge, a resale store, a food pantry, and family services. The intent of the services are to help individuals and families in the community achieve self-sufficiency.

“We'll be able to help people with dignity, which is so important,” Dudley said.

Dudley also mentioned during the presentation that the former Navarro Central Appraisal District building, located at 111 E. First Ave, has been donated to Compassion Corsicana. The building will be ready to move into next week to assist a larger number of people in need.

“There's a clear vision and direction of what we're doing in the town,” Dudley said. “Great things are in store for Compassion Corsicana with your help.”

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