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The Libertarian Party held its Presidential nominations Memorial Day Weekend.

There were five initial candidates up for nomination: Jim Gray, John Monds, Vermin Supreme, Jo Jorgenson, and Jacob Hornberger.

The Libertarian party made history as they nominated their first woman Presidential candidate, Dr. Jo Jorgenson. She has a long history of commitment to the Libertarian party and principles, having once been a Vice Presidential candidate on the ticket with the late Harry Browne.

Spike Cohen was elected as the VP candidate, the only millenial on a presidential ticket.

Libertarians nominate the President and VP separately, although they sometimes will run a joint ticket before the nominating convention.

They were elected by Ranked Choice voting, where people can vote for more than one candidate, or NOTA (None of the Above). If no candidate achieves majority votes, another ballot is cast and the lowest ranking candidate drops off the ballot.

Over a thousand people participated in the online nominating session.

This year was unique, in that the original National Convention in Austin was canceled due to the pandemic. The LNC worked on an online process so that the President and Vice President nominations could still be held on the original dates for the convention.

People who wished to be national delegates filled out an interest form prior to the convention and an online session was held where they or a member of leadership could speak on their behalf to be chosen.

The final portion of the National Convention is slated to take place in Orlando in July where they will vote on the platform and leadership positions including Libertarian National Committee Chair and Vice Chair.

The process of selecting down ballot candidates is more involved as Libertarians don't hold primaries, per election law.

In March, there are precinct, county, and district conventions held to elect precinct, county, and state or national party nominees; as well as county chairs, and delegates to county, district and state conventions.

Texas will hold its state convention in McAllen July 31 through August 2. The original dates were in April. It was rescheduled due to the pandemic, requiring a wavier from Gov. Greg Abbott.

Last year there was legislation passed in Texas to require a filing fee for third party candidates, ranging from $750 to $5,000 depending on the office being sought.

A lawsuit was filed by citizens, represented by former Libertarian governor candidate Kathy Glass, and a Harris County judge filed an injunction against this in December 2019.

Navarro county has two Libertarian candidates for office this Election; Edwin Adams, running for State Representative against Cody Harris in Texas House District 8; and Melanie Black, running for U.S. House Congressional District 6 against Ron Wright (R), Stephen Daniel (D), and Chad Snider (I).

In the words of Presidential candidate Jo Jorgenson: “Government has become 'too big, too bossy, too nosy, and way too intrusive.'”

Her goal, as well as Libertarians as a whole, is to spread the message of personal liberty and smaller government. The party seeks to bring awareness to the harm that overreaching government programs so often bring about; overregulation, infringement of rights, and waste of tax dollars.

The party hopes to start a conversation about what government should and should not do, and for people to realize there are other options besides Republicans and Democrats.

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