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This Thanksgiving, more consumers will be able to trace their Honeysuckle White turkeys to the family farm where they were raised, thanks to a blockchain solution that brings transparency to consumer’s food purchases.

 Through a simple text or by entering an on-package code at HoneysuckleWhite.com, consumers can trace their turkey back to the family farm, access the farm’s location by state and county, view the family farm story, see photos from the farm and read a message from the farmer.

 “Honeysuckle White is committed to food transparency and we are excited to bring more consumers an inside look at the family farms where their turkeys are raised,” said Kassie Long, Honeysuckle White brand manager. "We launched this program as a pilot in 2017 and are expanding it this year to meet the increased consumer demand for farm to fork transparency. Now, more consumers can get to know the farmers that raised their turkeys and enjoy a family-farm raised turkey this holiday season.”

For years, Honeysuckle White has worked closely with consumers to understand the significance transparency plays in food choice. A November 2017 survey revealed that 88 percent of consumers agree that brands need to be transparent in their food production, and 80 percent of consumers agree that at Thanksgiving, it is important for their turkey to be raised by a family farmer1. Providing traceable food to consumers builds trust and increases transparency in the food supply chain, and gives them confidence in the food they purchase and eat.

Expansion of the Honeysuckle White traceability program

Last year’s successful pilot program was the first time a blockchain solution was used by a major turkey brand. This year, the brand is broadening the quantity and reach of the traceable turkey program to include:

· Honeysuckle White turkey farmers expressed an overwhelming interest in participating in the traceable turkey program. Throughout the holiday season traceable turkeys will be available from more than 70 farms, a significant expansion from the four family farms that participated last year.

· More than 200,000 traceable turkeys from Honeysuckle White available to consumers this Thanksgiving and holiday season. This is an expansion from the 60,000 turkeys that were available over the holiday season last year.

· One-third of all 2018 Honeysuckle White fresh turkeys will be traceable, an increase from 5 percent last year.

· 3,500 retail stores across the Midwest and several other markets around the U.S., including Denver, Nashville and Seattle that will carry the Honeysuckle white traceable turkeys, available by Thanksgiving 2018.

· Honeysuckle White traceable turkeys that are also available, in a limited quantity, on Amazon.com,

· Non-traceable turkeys available in the debut HelloFresh Thanksgiving kit.

“Cargill is making meaningful investments in technologies like blockchain to digitalize our food and agricultural supply chains in ways that benefit the entire industry and help our customers,” said Debra Bauler, chief information officer, Cargill Protein and Salt. “The expanded transparency program with Honeysuckle White turkeys builds trust and increases transparency in the food supply chain, and gives customers greater confidence in the food they purchase and eat.”

For more information about where to purchase Honeysuckle White turkeys, including 200,000 traceable turkeys, as well as non-traceable turkeys and HelloFresh kits, visit www.HoneysuckleWhite.com.


About Honeysuckle White

Honeysuckle White is a Cargill brand that offers family farm-raised turkey products including ground turkey, turkey sausage, whole turkeys and turkey breasts. The Honeysuckle White turkeys are raised without growth-promoting antibiotics and no added hormones or steroids†, exclusively on independent family farms. The Honeysuckle White brand is committed to providing transparency about their food production practices to ensure that consumers know more about the food they eat and where it comes from. For more information, visit HoneysuckleWhite.com.

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1Honeysuckle White Thanksgiving 2017 PR Survey Report

†Federal regulations prohibit the use of hormones or steroids in poultry.