Juan C. Garcia and Marta N. Villalta, both of Corsicana

Elec Okra and Detra D. Carroll, both of Richland

Casey C. Young and Jennifer D. Robinson, both of Blooming Grove

Jose A. Santuario and Viridiana A. Hernandez, both of Corsicana

Ryan T. Helms of Balch Springs and Holly A. Horrell of Ennis

Jesse W. Wallace and Natalie N. Lucas, both of Ennis

Ignacio Ramirez and Ana L. Sanchez-Ramirez, both of Corsicana

Phillip W. Phinney and Kimberly A. Ward, both of Corsicana

Justin A. Robinson of Streetman and Emily L. Carver of Corsicana

Harold G. Pace and Patricia E. Holmes, both of Corsicana

Elimagdiel R. Lopez and Reyna A. Gallardo, both of Corsicana

Erik Rodriguez and Nury M. Contreras, both of Corsicana

Otto A. Baker and Glenna J. Sanderson, both of Wortham

Dirk W. Hrobsky of New York, N.Y. and Sarah K. Stroube of Corsicana

Arno J. Greinert of Coolidge and Geraldine S. Knighton of Purdon

Alex C. Davis and Diane P. Ferguson, both of Corsicana

Marshall D. Mathis Jr. of Richland and Selena N. Littrell of Corsicana

Salvador Vazquez-Bautista and Herminia Moreno-Perez, both of Corsicana

Steven J. Mitchell of Rice and Sharon K. Griffin of Corsicana

Kevin J. Milazzo of Dallas and Heather L. Maddox of Corsicana

Luis A. Sarinana and Biatris Lopez, both of Corsicana

Robby M. Pillans of Streetman and Selene A. Gallardo of Corsicana

Julio C. Jimenez-Vega and Martha A. Anguiano, both of Corsicana

Matias R. Quiroz and Araceli A. Rodriguez both of Corsicana

Agustin Barron Jr. of Corsicana and Melissa S. Hernandez of Ennis

Richard D. Good and Linda A. Shepherd, both of Corsicana

Gustavo Munoz and Maria D. Arteaga, both of Corsicana

Dustin R. Ellis of Purdon and Lara E. Abbe of Blooming Grove

Marcus D. Dowell of Malakoff and Ashley N. Stewart of Corsicana

Brandon D. Gooden and Latasha A. Baston, both of Corsicana

Aaron D. Hernandez and Angela D. Morelock, both of Corsicana

Johnnie R. Mahan and Glenda M. Barringer, both of Corsicana

Terry L. Gordon and Tessie H. Gowins, both of Kemp

Joseph T. Lewis and Shalin N. Cofer, both of Corsicana

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