Poem Photo.tiff

I caught a glimpse of yellow

Coming down my country road.

Meeting August in a swirl of dust,

With an eager, precious load.

Little face at each window

Reminded me of us.

Years ago with Mama

Waiting for the bus.

Your little lip was puckered out,

I thought for sure you'd cry.

“Why can't I take my dog?” you asked,

As he waved his tail goodbye.

Opening the door was a friendly face,

A farmer just like Dad,

When you glanced up, saw his overalls,

You didn't feel so bad.

By the time Fall made its debut,

You'd race me from the gate.

A new friend held a seat for you,

A first crush couldn't wait.

Some memories come from seasons

That linger for a while

Like flashing lights on an Autumn morn,

When I was just a child.

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