5-19-18 Corsicana AirSho (16).JPG

Daily Sun photo/Ron Farmer

Let us spend the day at Campbell Field

Under a big top of blue,

Watching a circus of colors and stunts,

History alive in review.

Daredevil souls shattering boundaries,

Flirting with clouds and air.

Grinning from cockpits like school kids,

Who seemingly have not a care.

Somewhere in the crowd, a young dreamer might say,

“I want to be a pilot someday.”

They come back to fly over Campbell Field,

In this same adventurous way.

Come spend some time where metal meets air,

Rub shoulders with heroes awhile.

Climb up in an airplane from history,

Flown in war when you were a child.

I will stand by the runway near the Honor Guard,

Thanking God for my freedom today.

To be able to watch an airshow,

In the Good Ole' USA.

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