Poem Photo.tiff

Drawn to the fence at sunrise,

Enjoying his coffee with God,

I guess there's grit in his DNA,

This cowboy of leather and sod

He's been down in the dirt, hung up in barbed wire,

Mashed between tailgate and heard.

Been stuck to his axel in boot-sucking mud.

And never discouragement heard.

He's gently with old stock,

Shares lunch with his dog.

Understands what makes pastures green,

Takes time to relax and ponder,

What life as a cowboy means.

He won't spend his earnings on one pair of boots,

To impress an auction barn crew

His wife and kids are comfortable and safe,

It's what good family men do.

Inside his truck is his office,

Business hours anytime of the day,

Just an ordinary legend in a sweat-stained hat,

Who stopped and helped me today.

You may find him Sunday in a Cowboy Church

If you do, you might shake his hand.

This cowboy is an ordinary legend

Disguised as an ordinary man.

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