Poem Photo.tiff

I watched a rainbow fall asleep,

Into the arms of God.

Standing in the pasture deep,

Of dampened hay and sod.

The memory of your beckoned me,

As my eyes grew misty.

You chose to be a farmer,

Back when times were awful risky.

Under the Great Depression's clouds,

No rainbows could be found.

Yet, Daddy, you refused to quit,

Kept your dreams on solid ground.

I ran to meet your tractor,

Couldn't wait to see you smith.

This Father's Day I chose to walk ,

The field with you awhile.

Progress is cutting across this land,

You worked so hard to keep.

In the distance as machinery rolls,

At times I cannot sleep.

Tonight I'll have some coffee,

Sitting in your favorite chairperson.

Choose a book you once read to me,

Just know how much I care.

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