Poem Photo.tiff

The verdant green of St. Patrick's Day

Into my heart has made its way,

 Through pastures, hillsides, around the bend

A touch of Ireland enters in.

 Leprechauns giggling, tumbling to and fro,

Illusions of magic for children I know

 Wear some green, or take a pinch,

How long this trick's been played.

 For just one day, let's all join in,

Toss our cares away.

 I'll eat my sandwich tinted green,

Followed by Key Lime Pie.

 Next to my friend with Leprechauns

Fastened to his tie,

 We'll lift our glasses of mint-green tea,

Be outrageous, and bold.

 I'm sure at the end of the rainbow,

Love is that pot of gold.

 Tonight, in green pajamas I'll recite

An Irish prayer.

 Then eat the Keebler cookies,

Hidden in my chair.