Poem Photo.tiff

Royalty sits on my birdbath,

It's noble color Blue.

Beside it dines, loyalty in Red,

Amidst the morning dew.

Purity comes in Gray and White,

On wings of a Morning Dove.

As Purple Martins visit,

There's no question of God's love.

Then off for a day of fishing,

Along the riverbank.

The scenery so many shades of green,

I know who to thank.

The Dragonfly on my tackle box,

Visits for a while.

Iridescent wonders I call them,

Awaken my inner child.

Turtles sit together,

Wondering who will flip in first.

Quietly a velvet nose appears,

To quench its noonday thirst.

My lure sinks near a willow tree,

That entices me to nap.

Suddenly I'm excitedly,

Reeling in a bass into my lap.

Then headed home as darkness falls,

In sunset mixed with night.

I await a rising moon,

And know the world is truly right.

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