Reeder/Woodard reunion

On Thanksgiving Day, Nov. 26, the Reeder/Woodard homecoming reunion will take place at Northside Baptist Church Activity Center, 2800 N. Beaton St., Corsicana.

Mark your calendar and make a point to attend. Invite other family members who have not attended or have not attended in a while. There will be fun and games, as well as an auction.

The menu will be ham, turkey with dressing and gravy, veggies, salads, cakes and pies. Last year, there were 49 in attendance and it is hoped that more will attend this year. Two family members have passed away in the last two months. The family does not dwell on the loss, but realizes they are in a better place. For more information, call Verrena Reeder Luce at (817) 563-9088.

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