Watkins reunion

The annual Watkins reunion 2006 was held May 7 with 37 attending. Robert Watkins, president, called on Jerry Watkins to ask the blessing, and a covered-dish luncheon was served and enjoyed. The gathering was held at the Watkins’ picnic grounds near Roane, courtesy of Carmack and Norma Watkins and Ronny and Barbara Watkins.

The reunion was for descendants of John Irvin and Mattie Watkins, who settled in the Barry community in 1900. The Watkins reunion is held on the Sunday nearest the birthday of John I. Watkins, born May 5, 1868. The family celebration has been held since 1934.

The youngest people present were Master Brendon Watkins, born Jan. 9, 2001, and Master Caleb Watkins, born October 1999. The eldest were Evalee Johnston Tackett and Carmack Watkins of Corsicana. Bob and Jane Cohen of Wellborn and Mike and Lorri Watkins of Bedias traveled the furthest to attend. Two sixth generation Watkins attended: McKenna Watkins and Caleb Watkins.

Attending were five grandchildren: Evalee Johnston Tackett, Carmack Watkins, Tommy Watkins, Robert Watkins and Jane Watkins Cohen. Also, nine great-grandchildren, eight great-great-grandchildren, two great-great-great-grandchildren, and 13 spouses.

Attending, by family groups, were:

Willie Belle Watkins Robison family: none.

Lena Watkins Johnston family: Doris Johnston; Evalee Tackett, Glenda and Gary Ratzlaff, Rebekah Navamore, and Carol Wilson.

George Watkins family: none.

William Watkins family: Carmack and Norma Watkins; Ronny and Barbara Watkins; Scott and Jeri Watkins, McKenna and Caleb Watkins; Janice King; Jerry and Kay Watkins, Ashley and Lane Watkins; Tommy Watkins; and Steve and Carol Watkins.

Ollie Watkins family: none.

Bessie Watkins Griffin family: none.

Charlie Watkins family: Robert and Lavonne Watkins; Lewis and Margie Watkins, Brittany and Brendon Watkins; Brooke and Jeremy Pate; Mike and Lorri Watkins; Kevin and Liz Watkins, Logan Watkins; and Jane and Bob Cohen.

Robert Watkins, president, welcomed the family members. Jane Watkins Cohen, secretary, received address corrections from Wanda Hanks, Glenda Ratzlaff, Scott Watkins, Janice Watkins King, Keri Wright, Bill Burleson, Rory Watkins, Kristy Watkins Lomax, John Watkins III, Trey Beck, Brooke Watkins Pate, and Liz and Kevin Watkins. Additional reports were given. Charlie and Katie Payne are about the same. Janice Watkins King is a grandmother to be. Robert Watkins has two granddaughters married — Brooke married Jeremy Pate in Corsicana and Cassie married David McCreary, who lives in Okinawa, Japan. Tommy Watkins shared family photographs.

CHS Class of 1996

The Corsicana High School Class of 1996 is in the process of organizing a reunion. Information is needed on classmates. If you were part of the CHS Class of 1996, please contact Stephanie Jones at (972) 225-9786 or djclassof96@yahoo.com.

CHS Class of 1986

The Corsicana High School Class of 1986 is in the process of organizing a reunion. Information is needed on classmates. If you were part of the CHS Class of 1986, please contact Dusty Hodge at (501) 679-7782 or dhodge@conwaycorp.net or Stephanie Smith Fisher at (281) 955-0345 or brianfisher2005@yahoo.com.

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