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Bobby Scott, a 2007 graduate from Corsicana High School, recently announced the successful merger of his business with National Basketball Association Hall of Famer Isiah Thomas.

Thomas is Chairman and CEO of ISIAH International partnered with VESL Oils, a Colorado-based cannabis company licensed to extract CBD Oils and manufacturer CBD products for sale throughout the entire United States and where applicable internationally; with the mission to offer a natural daily remedy that is affordable and available to everyone, CBD for all.

Joshua “Zeke” Thomas and business partner Mohit Shah will be joining the Board of Directors and day-to-day operations of the company. Thomas will take the helm as the Chief Marketing Officer.

VESL was founded by Scott and Quorum Lopez in early April 2018. Originally offering a limited number of CBD products, VESL quickly expanded into an entire line of products that gained a lot of traction in e-commerce.

In 2019, VESL secured its first manufacturing facility, allowing for large scale CBD production and extraction, which enabled control of the entire process from plant to finished product.

VESL currently offers the highest concentration, and industry leading Muscle Gel, along with Skincare, Supplements, Oils, Pet Care, and Consumable products; all derived from premium CBD extracts and natural and organic ingredients.

“It was important for me to work with a company that uses only all-natural ingredients, follows regulations, and promotes significant benefits to the human body, both physically and mentally,” Thomas said. “Joshua and Mohit were instrumental in ensuring that the core values of ISIAH International were qualities we identified in a potential partner. As with all subsidiaries housed under ISIAH International, my mission was to invest my resources and business expertise in a growing and innovative company that produces the highest quality product, with the potential to be a leader in the market.”

“We are excited about the partnership with ISIAH International and the huge opportunities this venture presents for VESL and the entire Cannabis industry,” Scott said. “The Thomas family has broken down barriers with its expansion into a diverse portfolio of industries and having them at the forefront with us helps in legitimizing this emerging industry. Their championship mentality and passion for helping others, align perfectly with the VESL team and culture.”

I had a unique opportunity to work with my father, and develop an understanding of the quality we expect from ventures and partners around us. For a long time,” Thomas said. “I have appreciated and supported the benefits of Cannabis and now that policy has supported it’s legalizations – it presented a unique business opportunity for ISIAH International.”

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