6-11-19 King 100th bday.jpg

Mary Rosamond King celebrates her 100th birthday. Courtesy photo

It was a Great Day on Saturday, June 8, 2019 for Mary Rosamond King. Ducky, as she is fondly called, and over 125 family and friends, celebrated her 100th birthday.

Jared Malone the Bagpiper played numerous Scottish tunes, including Ducky’s favorite, “Amazing Grace.” All in attendance raved about the wonderful weather, homestyle cooking, and traditional Scottish tunes.

Mary Rosamond (McCarter) King was born, June 8, 1919 in Navarro County, and was raised here until she turned twenty years old. During those early years, you could find her dancing in family homes for fun, because there were no places to dance at that time. She and her beau, Jack, won numerous dance contests. The one significant dance contest that comes quickly to mind was when she and Jack won ten cents to their song, “The Waltz You Saved for Me.”

On February 11, 1937, she married her dancing partner, Charlie Hamilton (Jack) King and a few years later, headed to Houston, Texas, for a job opportunity. Ducky and Jack raised three girls, Aleta Fern (King) Lapaglia of Navarro, Karen Jeanne (King) Marley of Corsicana, and Mary Rosamond (King) LaBorde of Houston.

Mr. and Mrs. King returned home to Navarro in 1982 to the family home place. Soon after, she laid the love of her life to rest in the Hopewell Cemetery in Navarro, Texas in August 1983. She has remained in the family home place since that time doing what she loves best, crocheting baby blankets for her grand to great-great grandchildren. There are no blanket patterns too difficult. “The harder the better,” said King, as it keeps her mind sharp figuring out them out.

This one-hundred-year old lady is quick-witted and can talk on all topics from sports to politics – just don’t get her started. Her favorite sport is golf, but when it’s football season, she enjoys watching “her boys,” the Dallas Cowboys, play. She keeps in touch with our large extended family by using social media, especially Facebook and her iPad. When the internet came about, she teased us by remembering a time when there was no electricity, no phones, no indoor plumbing, much less computers! Mrs. Ducky has adapted to the changes in our turbo charged world these past one hundred years.

Should you want to wish our mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, and great-great grandmother a Happy Birthday, please do so by sending her a card to: Rosamond King, 11267 SE 2170 Circle Rd., Corsicana, TX 75110. We will be celebrating her 100 years... ALL year long!