Olsen to bring balance, experience to Precinct 4

By Oliver Sheehan

Daily Sun

James Olsen, 58, is the Republican candidate for the position of County Commissioner for Precinct 4.

Olsen says that his business experience and his ability to balance working on the roads with his responsibilities at the court house make him the ideal candidate for the job.

The incumbent Precinct 4 county commissioner, Olsen has held his position since January 2007. He previously owned and managed Olsen Feed for 34 years and ran a pet distribution business.

“I think my business experience sets me apart. I think I have got the ability to bring balance to this job, and on my roads I know my problems and I know how to address them,” he said.

“Taking care of the budget allows me to take care of the roads. Better budgets make better roads and better roads will bring better budgets.”

Olsen says that by being business friendly and bringing responsible business to the county, he can continue to improve on the work he has already done.

“I have increased my ability to do roads, I have kept my election promises for integrity, to bring business sense to my position, to bring efficiency and dedication.”

“Myself and my guys have the ability to improve roads and the inhibitor is the money to do that. Also I look for ways to encourage more responsible business. We should be business friendly and encourage responsible growth so that we can increase our tax base and keep taxes low.”

A native to Navarro County, Olsen says he enjoys getting involved in the community, particularly with Youth Expo and 4-H, to which he has been a member and supporter for 45 years.

When it comes to the job of commissioner though, Olsen says he is on call whenever and wherever is necessary.  

 “If I need to be out on the roads, then that is where I need to be, if I am here in the courthouse doing the budget then that is where I need to be.

“The goal would be to keep taxes as low as possible while still maintaining the services that residents deserve. I serve every citizen of Navarro County. If I am elected I will represent all the people.”


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Putman will make roads main priority for Precinct 4

By Bob Belcher

Daily Sun

Sherman Putman, Democratic candidate for the Precinct 4 County Commissioner post in Navarro County, said his experience in road construction and maintenance makes him the best choice for the job.

Putman, 51, worked over 30 years with the Texas Department of Transportation before his retirement, and said he thinks Precinct 4 roads have not been cared for as they should be. Roads, and taxes, he said, are his number one priorities in his campaign.

“That’s the main gripe of everyone in the west end of the county,” Putman said this week in an interview with the Daily Sun.

“If I’m elected, I’m going to start cleaning out ditches, where they are higher than the roads, then get the roads shaped back up, and put a crown in them ... get them where the water will drain off the road, not stand in the road,” he said.

Putman said his approach to county finances is simple — to manage the money the best they can without having to raise taxes.

“I went several years in the highway department without getting a raise, without getting ‘new stuff’ — new equipment or whatever,” he said. “You have to cut out a few things to meet the budget.

“We’ll just have to make do with what we’ve got until times get better,” he added.

On the subject of a County Court-at-Law, Putman said he does see it as a need in the future, but it is another expense for the county.

“It’s another thing the county is going to have to start budgeting to pay for, and something else the taxpayers are going to have to pay for,” he said.

“I’m one that is all about conserving money,” Putman added. “Unless it is desperately needed, I don’t think we ought to have one at this time, until it becomes a necessity.”

Putman, a lifelong resident of Navarro County, served 17 years on the Blooming Grove City Council, and has been active for many years as a volunteer at the Navarro County Youth Expo. He currently resides at Navarro Mills.


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