Navarro County District Clerk candidates in the Nov. 2 election — Marilyn Greer and Joe Hobbs — answer questions submitted by the Daily Sun.


Name:  Marilyn Greer

Age:  58

Party affiliation:  Democrat

Family:  One son, Dustin Greer, and one grandson, Victor Ryan.

Education:  High School graduate and over 400 hours of mandatory continuing education credit from V.G. Young Institute, Texas A & M University and the University of Texas School of Law.

Occupation/experience:  I worked in the District Clerks office for 11 years for the former District Clerk, C.O. “Bud” Currington, Jr.  Mr. Currington became ill in 1989 and Judge Buck Douglas appointed me to fill the unexpired term. I than ran for the position in 1990 and am now serving my fourth full term. I learned the duties of the Clerk’s office by hands on experience and through continuing education.

How long have you lived in the county?: I have lived in Navarro County for 34 years.

What do you believe the No. 1 issue in your race is?: I believe the number 1 issue is the experience I have in the District Clerks Office  vs. my opponent. In any position whether in government or private business experience is the best asset you can have.  

What are some of the other key issues?: The duties of the District Clerk are to serve in an administrative capacity for the court. The District Clerk is the custodian of all court documents, is responsible for docketing, indexing, recording, collecting fees, fines, court costs and managing all funds held in litigation. These duties are all imposed by statute or Supreme Court rules. It is important to have the knowledge to carry out these duties that are entrusted to the District Clerk.

Why should voters consider you?:  Because as voters and taxpayers they deserve their District Clerk to be the best qualified to perform the duties.  I hope over the past 22 years as District Clerk that I have earned their trust and their vote.  


Name:  Joe Hobbs

Age:  67

Party Affiliation:  Republican

Family:  Wife, Sharon Hobbs, school teacher;  sons, Dean Hobbs, CFO of banking firm in San Antonio;  Wes Hobbs, attorney; Will Hobbs, Baptist minister; and daughter, Deann Hobbs, school teacher.

Education:  BBA with a major in Accounting from The University of North Texas, Denton and Certified Public Accountant, Texas. I am also a Viet Nam combat veteran.

Occupation/experience:  CPA, I have been President and CEO of my own audit and tax firm for over 33 years.

How long gave you lived in the county? I was born in Forreston, Texas (Ellis County) and my wife and I have lived in our home in Navarro county for the last 10 years.  

What do you believe the No. 1 issue in your race is?: The number one issue in the race for District Clerk is the same for any elected office in the United States. That being the size of government in general. Therefore, I will put my audit skills to work and determine if there are ways to reduce the department's overall expenses. This should reduce the burden to local taxpayers.  I believe they are burdened enough by this economic downturn caused by the present administration in Washington.  

 What are some of the other key issues?:  I also believe a thorough review of the department's operating procedures may result in a more streamlined service to the citizens of Navarro County.  Thus again, saving the taxpayer more time and money.

Why should voters consider you?:  Besides my 33 + years' experience in the audit and tax industry, I also bring organizational and leadership abilities.  As stated, I have been the  Chief Administrator of my corporation since inception.  During that period I have successfully handled numerous situations that come with a company of up to 18 employees.


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