Several proposed changes to the by-laws of the Corsicana/Navarro County Chamber of Commerce were tabled by board members during their Thursday meeting.

Chamber board members also voted to move the annual banquet back to the month of January. They had previously approved changing the date of the banquet to November.

Much of Thursday’s meeting revolved around the proposed by-law changes developed by chamber chairman Dr. Richard Sanchez and chamber director Paul Hooper. Sanchez was out of town and not present at the board meeting.

Hooper explained the proposed changes were to bring the by-laws in line with the move of the banquet and the installation of new officers for the coming year, and the need to move up the dates of nominations for the full board and executive board.

Another proposed change in the by-laws would have changed the fiscal year of the chamber from a calendar year to a year that starts annually on Nov.1. That move would have negated the original reason the chamber gave for moving the banquet — keeping expenses and revenue for the annual event in the same fiscal year.

A committee was appointed to review the chamber by-laws and make recommendations to the chamber executive committee in August.

The board will also be looking at the chamber’s current method of appointing officers, currently a “line of succession” arrangement. Some consideration has been given to changing the method to an annual election rather than succession from previous posts. The committee will also study that issue.

Hooper told board members that the accounting firm of Hudson Anderson and Associates would be reviewing the chamber’s financial records in August in preparation for a one year audit of the chamber’s books.

“The chamber has not had a complete audit since 1996. We’ve budgeted $5,000 for that audit to be done. If we find any irregularities in the audit, we’ll go back to previous years and look at those,” Hooper said.


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