McDonald chosen interim Collins principal

Sharron (Green) McDonald who taught in the Corsicana High School for 25 years, has been named interim principal at Collins Middle School. McDonald left the district in 2002 to become principal at Valley Mills High School, and retired in 2004.

Mike Mitchell, the former principal at Collins, has been named Curriculum Coordinator for the district. He will be overseeing the district’s new data management software, Triand.

Collins has failed to meet state improvement requirements on the Texas Assessment of Skills and Knowledge two years in a row.

Chicken and sandwiches, nachos and hot dogs

The owners of Bill’s Fried Chicken and Subway have been tentatively approved to run the concession stands at the new Tiger Stadium, the board decided Thursday.

Ricky Blackwell and Chuck Williams will each take part of the contract to run the concession stands, although Williams will be in charge of scheduling and will have the ultimate responsibility, said Jerry Ashcraft, executive director of operations for the district.

The band boosters, who ran the concession stand at the old Tiger Field, turned down the option of running the three new stands at the new stadium, lacking enough volunteers for the task.

Under the deal, Williams would take over two of the new stands, while Blackwell would take one. Williams would also be authorized to run the two new stands at the new basketball gym at the high school.

The vendors would be required to buy the equipment for the stands, and would have to return 30 percent of the profits to the school district, after costs.

Blackwell said his stand would sell “fried foods,” while Williams’ stands would include more traditional stadium fare.

The contracts have yet to be worked out, and the board voted to give the superintendent the authority to sign the deals when they are ready, in order to speed the process along.

The first game in the new stadium is scheduled for Sept. 15.

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