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Ralph Nelson, Legislative Chairman (left), Carol L. Bush, Ellis County Judge (center), and Oscar Ramos, Publicity Chairman (right) of NARFE.


The National Association of Active/Retired Federal Employees (NARFE), Chapter 1191, held their monthly meeting in Waxahachie. The Honorable Carol L. Bush presented an overview of her Ellis County responsibilities and spoke about the challenges in delivering county services.  

Judge Bush has administrative and judicial responsibilities for the Commissioners’ Court, County elections, County Communication, Indigent Health Care, Transportation, and many other services. As the County Chief Budget Officer, Judge Bush has a tremendous responsibility to provide increased county services and must stay within Federal and State statues and County guidelines. Ellis County government must follow all Federal and State statues even when projects are not funded by policy authorities. A good example is the 86 county dams which the county has maintenance responsibility with no additional funding.  

Since the last census, Ellis County population increased from 111,000 to approximately 155,000, and this requires additional services throughout the county. In efforts to increase revenue the county is building a radio tower and is looking into privatizing the management of the Ellis County jail. There is also a need to increase the court system. This will expedite the increased flow of court cases.  Despite all the county challenges, the Honorable Carol L. Bush always ensures professional services are provided to Ellis County residents, and she is proud our county has one of the lowest tax rates when compared with the other 252 counties in Texas.

NARFE members appreciate her dedication and professionalism in  running our county government. As federal retirees, we truly understand having to do more with less, and the government work still has to be done.  

Join us: The National Active and Retired Federal Employees Association (NARFE) membership is open to all with a federal retirement program.  For membership information, please call the nearest community to you, in Midlothian call (972) 268-5793 or (972) 775-2463, in Waxahachie call (469) 939-8102, Ennis call (214) 949-6197, Red Oak call (412) 722-6307, and in Corsicana call (903) 874-3092.

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