Ten members of the Corsicana Crime Commission met Thursday morning to discuss various aspects of law enforcement in the community.

Corsicana Police Chief G.M. Cox spoke about the Aug. 12 civil service examination.

“We had 14 sign up to take the test, 11 actually showed up,” Cox said. The chief went on to say that 10 individuals passed the exam, but only six people passed the physical agility.

“Of the six, one was an ex-Marine and was called back to Iraq. Another one failed to turn in her packet,” Cox said.

Cox said two of the remaining four had previous law enforcement experience and the other two did not.

The next item discussed was the possibility of red light cameras to video tape certain intersections.

“It’s a good idea,” Cox said.

The chief said cameras could help at certain busy intersections in town.

“Seventh Avenue and 15th Street would be one and 15th and Second Avenue would be another,” he said.

A proposed alcohol ordinance was discussed at length by the commission. Under the proposition, any adult who leaves access to alcohol to minors, or who allows underage drinking at their residence, would be charged with a Class C misdemeanor.

“There are similar laws in Highland Park and Mesquite,” the chief said.

The commission will take the proposed ordinance to the city council for a vote.

The chief was excited to speak about the new forensics program at Navarro College.

“This program is a great idea for lawyers and cops,” he said.

Recently Corsicana received a $4,000 grant to be used to combat underage smoking in the community. Cox said the grant money would be divided up between overtime pay for officers to enforce the law and an advertising campaign.

The next commission meeting will be the last week of September.


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