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Hurricane Ike will cause changes to the Daily Sun’s delivery schedule and its coverage this weekend, Publisher Raymond Linex II said Thursday.

“While we are not expecting Ike to hit our area hard until Saturday, its possible impact on some of our papers south of here is the reason we are reacting so quickly,” Linex said Thursday afternoon. “Our entire Texas fleet is making changes.”

In addition to operational preparations, the safety of newspaper employees and its contracted carriers has been considered, Linex said.

Both weekend editions will be affected.

The changes include:

• Saturday edition: Will print Friday evening, and will either be delivered late Friday night or with the Sunday edition. Deadlines for obituaries has been moved to 3 p.m., with pages due to the print facility by 5 p.m.

“Unfortunately, this means our normal Friday night football coverage will be absent from Saturday’s paper,” Linex said. “However, we will update our Web site on a normal schedule, which means all of our coverage should be live by 1 a.m. Saturday. We will update scores all night as we usually do.

“From a print standpoint, it will be integrated into Sunday’s edition.”

• Sunday edition: Will print early Saturday afternoon, and will be delivered Saturday afternoon. Obituary deadlines will be moved to 9:30 a.m., with pages due to the printer by noon. It will also be streamlined.

“In an effort to be as efficient and safety-minded as possible, our news and sports will be in one section,” Linex said.

A few Sunday features will be shifted to online-only, just for this weekend, he said.

The Daily Sun will also provide readers with important updates via its Web site throughout the weekend.

Some weekend editions will be delivered together on Saturday for additional safety reasons, Linex said.

“Obviously, some of our rural carriers face challenges like low-water crossings and non-paved roads. For their sake, we prefer they not be out in the early morning hours or at night delivering if conditions deteriorate,” Linex said. “Most subscribers will get their papers late Friday and Saturday afternoon. Some may get both on Saturday.”


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