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Daily Sun photo/Michael Kormos Some of the cast of Circus Shambles. Pictured Back row left to right are 'Strongman' Rickey Crenshaw, 'Long John Beene' James Maston Pritchitt, and 'Ringmaster Francesco Fortunado' Ron Motley. Front row left to right are 'Chuckles the Clown' Carly Haynie, 'Perky the Clown' Janice Hill and 'Sabrina the snake charmer' Heather Hanson.

The newest production at the Warehouse Living Arts Center is “Circus Shambles,” written by Norma Russell, who is also vocal director for this show.

The musical revolves around a woman named Little Feather, played with full-throated joy by Angela Mas, who joins a small, struggling circus as a psychic.

The various members of the circus “family” each tell their stories with song and dance while she consults her psychic toe and distributes no-nonsense advice.

As always when talking about a Russell piece, the music is catchy and the lyrics carry the plot forward.

This production is even more of a team effort than usual, because while Mas’s character has the most stage time, she spends most of it “listening” to the characters played by local performers Ron Motley, Rick Crenshaw, Andy Collins, Rhonda Bryant, Caryn Spaniel, Carly Haynie, Andrew Montgomery, Graham Dudley and Matthew Middleton.

It’s a charming production, with plenty of laughs and eye-candy.

Making the experience that much more pleasant are the new seats in the auditorium, and the spanking new marquee, that combined with the legacy walkway creates a visual welcome that really sets the right stage for what’s inside, pardon the pun.

Behind the scenes, but making a terrific contribution are live musicians Laurie Duke, Sandra Huffman, Jerry Ballew, Ralph Duke and Steve Colburn, as well as costume coordinator James Maston Pritchett, who also plays the romantic tall man; choreographer Marsha Douglass and director Sandra McClure Mahood.

The play is being offered at 7:30 p.m. Friday and Saturday, and at 2 p.m. Sunday. Additional performances will be offered July 28-31. To purchase tickets, call the box office at (903) 872-5421. The Warehouse Living Arts Center is located at 119 W. Sixth Ave. in downtown Corsicana.


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