It’s a happy time, and an anxious one as well for Farouk Qubty and his family.

Farouk’s wife Samia and daughter Melody are half a world away in Israel attending a family wedding. The city is Haifa, a port city on the northern Israeli border, where bombs and mortar fired from Lebanon have sent residents scrambling amid threats of more Hezbollah strikes in the region.

Late Friday, the news was “all was well” with the Qubtys, according to Farouk in an interview with the Daily Sun.

“They are in a part of the world where violence and attacks have been an everyday part of life since 1948,” Qubty said.

Samia and Melody Qubty are staying at the home of Samia’s sister in Haifa. Melody is serving as a bridesmaid for her cousin, Lillian Sheadah, in a ceremony slated to take place at noon CDT Saturday, according to Qubty.

Several area churches have circulated e-mails to their members about the welfare of Melody and Samia, asking for prayers for their safety in Israel.

“I spoke with them this morning. They were preparing for the wedding and for the parties that will take place before and after the ceremony,” Qubty said.

The two left for the Middle East on June 13, and are slated to return to the United States on July 22, Qubty said.


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