Retail giant Bealls recently opened a Clinique and Esteé Lauder counter as part of the store. The two separate booths offer consumers the ability to shop right in their own backyard for beauty supplies that once could only be found by driving to Dallas.

Store Manager Terri Mitchell was overjoyed with the addition, which was one year in the making.

“Bealls acquired the company Peebles last year and Peebles was affiliated with Clinique and Estee Lauder,” Mitchell recalled. “Since we were part of the company we decided to bring the booths here to Corsicana.”

The booths opened March 6 and have been flooded with customers since its inception. Six positions have been created by the move with additional staff available.

The entire construction of the two booths from start to finish was two weeks, well ahead of the initial schedule.

“They gutted the entire center section of the store and built from the ground up the two booths,” Mitchell said.

Clinique employee Lauren Moran was excited with the new booth and the new products.

“This has been very exciting,” Moran said of the initial week. “A lot of people who would have to drive all the way to Dallas have come here to get the same products and services. It has been really, really busy here.”

The booths carry a full line of make up, fragrances and skin care. The most popular item, according to Moran, has been the facial three step line offered by Clinique.

The product is a full face-care treatment that has been selling like hotcakes according to Mitchell.

“I’m really glad this came to Corsicana and the response has been terrific,” Moran said.

Mitchell concurred and said sale numbers have been better than expected.

“Very positive,” Mitchell said.

Mitchell added that there will be two annual events at the booths in which special discounts will be available for consumers.

“One in the spring and one in the fall,” Mitchell said.

The counters operate under the same schedule as the department store. From 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Saturday and from 1 to 6 p.m. on Sunday.

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