Following two work sessions and one tabled city meeting, the council will vote on a new public safety compensation package at 6 p.m. Tuesday at the Government Center.

The Corsicana Police Officer’s Association (CPOA) teamed with the Texas Municipal Police Association (TMPA) asking for a 20 percent across the board increase in pay.

The city did not move on the request, but presented a counter offer of a $2,000 a year increase.

The agenda item to be voted on includes the $2,000 across the board annual pay increase for both firemen and officers, as well as a $500 increase to Police Corporals and Fire Lieutenants. Sergeants and Fire Captains will receive a $250 a year increase as part of the new package deal.

The total budget increase will be $246,182.63 annually, with $123,091.31 effecting the current 2006 budget.

The resolution, if passed, would take effect April 1.

In other news, the city will hold public hearings on issuance of refunding bonds and tax and revenue certificates of obligation.

The council will then vote on each of the public hearing items.

The city will consider designating certain vehicles and equipment as surplus property and authorizing the sale of such property at an auction.


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