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‘The Chosen Ones’ call themselves a ‘motorcycle ministry’ reaching out to everyone. The group hails from ‘That Church’ in Corsicana and travels throughout the southwest with their message of faith. Photo by John Paul Plemons

The Chosen Ones are “riding for Jesus,” and invite everyone to participate in Biker Sunday.

Registration will begin at 8 a.m. Oct. 22 at That Church of the Assemblies of God, 3640 N. Business 45, with the event starting at 10 a.m. The Chosen Ones are the local chapter of Circuit Riders Motorcycle Ministry.

“Anyone is welcome, with a bike or without,” said Shirley Smith, secretary of The Chosen Ones. “This is our second annual event, and last year we had about 340 people.”

Live music by “Undignified,” the praise and worship group, will be joined by a free lunch, a bike show, vendors, T-shirts, door prizes and games such as the spark plug toss and carburetor toss, and motorcycle games like the slow race. There will also be a free rally pin given to the first 50 registered bikes. Featured speaker will be Mac McBride, Texas president of Circuit Riders Motorcycle Ministry.

“We’re not a motorcycle club, not a riding group,” said Dwain Smith, president of The Chosen Ones. “We are a motorcycle ministry. We want to evangelize to those who don’t fit into mainstream groups.”

Circuit Riders have about 35 chapters in six states, and in all has a membership of about 1,100. While the local chapter in Corsicana has about 24 members currently, three more chapters have begun in Texas just in the last month.

“We had one bike added this weekend, when I got a V-Star!” Shirley said.

The ministry does missionary work in Mexico, Belize and Guatemala, in addition to a boat ministry down the Amazon River, Dwain said. They also sponsor a mission house in Rio Grande City, Texas.

“It is totally non-denominational,” he said. “Each chapter is independent, but operates under the umbrella of a local church. Our pastor, Mike Howell, is extremely supportive, as are the people in our church.”

For more information about Circuit Riders Motorcycle Ministry, visit Web sites or For more information about The Chosen Ones or Biker Sunday, contact Dwain Smith at (903) 229-7529.

“You do not have to have a motorcycle to join Circuit Riders,” he said. “We have lots of non-riders who are members, and plenty who will never ride. It’s more about the ministry.”

Shirley said when the group is out in public and wearing their vests, people often stop and ask about their “colors.” The group is not ashamed to pray for people right out in public.

“We missed our turn recently in Fort Worth going to a toy run, and we needed gas anyway, so we pulled into a gas station,” Shirley said. “A man who had recently gotten out of jail asked if we did prison ministry, so we just stopped right there, joined hands, and prayed for him on the spot. A little boy in a nearby car saw it, and was so impressed he told his dad about it. The father, who was a local youth minister, came over and mentioned the impact it had on his son.”

The former prisoner and the youth minister were introduced, and the young pastor invited the man to his church. The Chosen Ones wish to make everyone, regardless of circumstance, life experience, race or color feel welcome to come and worship.

“Our ‘Bikers Welcome’ sign in front of our church has just recently brought in two new couples,” Dwain said. “They are now new members, who do not feel out of place.”


Deanna Plemons is a Daily Sun staff writer. She may be reached via e-mail at

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