The "National Tax Day Tea Party" movement is making its way to Corsicana.

Local residents are planning a rally outside of City Hall at 5 p.m. today, billing it as a Community Tea Party.

Here are the contents of a press release issued by organizers:


Taxpayers to Rally in CORSICANA

As Part of Nationwide Tea Party

When: Wednesday, April 15, 5pm to 6pm

Where: Front of City Hall 200 N. 12th

Taxpayers will give voice to their opposition to out-of-control government spending, taxing and borrowing that has pushed the federal deficit to record levels as part of a nationwide “National Tax Day Tea Party.”

The protest, which will feature the crowd throwing tea bags into our own Boston Harbor. This rally is an example of one of hundreds to be held on the same day in cities and towns all across the United States. Tea parties will also be held in Chicago, Washington, Atlanta, San Diego, San Antonio, , Athens, Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, and at hundreds of other locations around the United States.

 Vicky Prater said, “This event, and the hundreds like it across the country, is our way of letting Washington – and our legislators here – know that we are fed up. Government spending is out-of-control. Enough is enough. This is a bi-partisan Tea Party”

“This is a real grassroots effort, of ordinary Americans talking to each other on the Internet, to show there are people who, like the Sons of Liberty in Boston so long ago, are willing to stand up and be counted,” Ms Prater said. "I ask everyone in our community to join with us, in their hearts if not at our rally and make their voices heard. And I invite all the legislators and politicians who agree with us to stand with us. We can’t afford more taxation and reckless government spending. Bring your signs, flags and teabags. “

We’re Having a Tea Party This Wednesday

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