Kay Jenkins

Editor's note: This story edited on March 16, 2014, to remove reference to resignation of Brett Stalcup, attorney of record for Sandy Jenkins.

For more than eight months, Kay Jenkins has been living without resources, no bank accounts or credit cards, unable to sell any personal belongings to get money.She’s now facing a stack of federal indictments and a Tuesday court appearance.

She tried living in the Corsicana home she shared with her husband Sandy, but then she got behind on the bills. It’s now on the market to be sold.

It was in August 2013 that her husband, Sandy, was arrested on charges of mail fraud, accused of stealing $16.5 million from his employer, the Collin Street Bakery. He lost his job with the bakery in late June, and for awhile the two bounced around between their vacation house and their daughter’s apartment in Austin.

What Kay’s been doing since then is unclear, and family and friends don’t talk about it to the press.

However, on Wednesday, Kay was also indicted along with her husband by a federal grand jury, accused of the same mail fraud charges, along with money laundering, conspiracy to commit money laundering and lying on her loan application to get the money for their second home. Specifically, they overstated their income by quite a bit.

Sandy legitimately made $55,000 a year from the bakery as its controller, but was spending about $250,000 a month allegedly by writing company checks to pay his personal bills, according to FBI reports.

Sandy is being kept in a federal jail in Dallas. Kay has told prosecutors she will turn herself in, and she’s scheduled to appear in federal court on Tuesday.


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