The Federal Bureau of Investigations is executing another search warrant of the home of Sandy Jenkins Monday morning on Third Avenue in Corsicana.

“He was home today and the FBI allowed him to leave,” said Corsicana Police Chief Randy Bratton. “We have officers on scene to protect the perimeter while they do another search of the residence.”

According to Bratton, Jenkins was there when the FBI arrived, but he was allowed to leave without being arrested.

The FBI is in charge of the investigation into allegations that Jenkins stole $17 million from his former employer, the Collin Street Bakery. They have not issued an arrest warrant for Jenkins.

“I can’t really disclose what the activities are, of course, we’re on scene,” said Katie Chaumont with the FBI. “No federal arrest warrant has been issued.”

A civil suit demanding the money back has been filed against Jenkins by the bakery.


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