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Daily Sun photo/Camille McClanahan Volunteers in the VITA program - Volunteer Income tax Assistance - gathered for an appreciation banquet at LaPradera Restaurant. The group worked during tax season helping individuals prepare income tax returns, a program that came into being three years ago. This year, the program helped file over 200 income tax returns.

The local Volunteer Income Tax Assistance held its volunteer appreciation event Thursday at LaPradera Restaurant. VITA site coordinator was George Burrell while he was supported in this endeavor by Stuart Schoppert, center manager at Workforce Solutions for North Central Texas.

Volunteers attending the event included Pat and Dub Dickson, Bill McCutcheon, Kathy Dube, Pat Perritt, Joan Kilborne, and Burrell. Others in attendance included Les Leskoven, Vickie Willingham, Shirley Nunn, senior tax specialist with Internal Revenue Service; Paul Ramos, regional director with Internal Revenue Service; Schoppert, and guests of the volunteers. Volunteers not in attendance for the appreciation event were Russell Hudson, Donald Lawerence, Sina Ruiz, Tom Hecker and Cathy Scott.

The evening’s entertainment was provided by Zanada Schoppert followed by a meal and certificates of appreciation.

In 2010, VITA helped with the preparation of 223 returns for 2009 as compared to 210 in 2008. Total earned income tax credits claimed in 2009 were $87,432, while $78,205 were claimed in 2008. Also total refunds for 2009 were $190,487 as compared to $195,546 for 2008.


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