Medical Surgical & Compcare-Enviva was recently awarded Best Small Business Employer for North Central Texas, an accolade Dr. Terry Williams said he was very honored to receive but did not expect.

“I didn't apply for it,” he said. “We work closely with the Texas Workforce Commission and the local office nominated us. Once we won the Navarro County nomination, we competed with the first place winners in the North Central Texas district. The winner was chosen by the State based on letters of recommendation and they named us the best in 14 counties. When we received a letter from Ted Cruz and Byron Cook, we were very proud."

The clinic offers comprehensive medical services that help keep employees on the job and working at peak performance.

Services provided

 Acute and Chronic Medical Care

 DOT & School Physicals

Drug & Alcohol Testing

Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation

Audiometry (Hearing Test)

 Spirometry (Pulmonary Function)

 Repiratory Fit Testing

 DOT Physicals & Issues (Diabetes, HTN, Sleep Screens)

 Workers' Comp Injuries

 Annual Physicals


 Well Women Exams

Orthopaedic Evaluations

 Steroid Injections

 WorkSteps Physical Capacity Evaluations

 Sports & Work Injuries

Biometric Screens


Digital X-rays

MSAC-Enviva is a state-of-the-art 5,700 square feet physical medicine department has all the tools needed for complete physical care, as well as full turn-key management and rehabilitation for musculoskeletal injuries and illnesses.

Dr. Williams started out working with Kal Shwarts at his occupational medicine clinic on Seventh Avenue.

“I joined Dr. Shwarts in 2000 and worked with him about five years,” Williams said. “He taught me about occupational medicine, but I wanted to perform more natural and alternative treatments. I enjoyed the physical aspect of it and it worked out beautifully.”

Dr. Williams opened his own clinic, AhealthyU Rehabilitation, in 2005 in the College Park Mall.

“It was a nice place,” he said. “I was excited about practicing alternative medicine. I hired a Chinese doctor and we did acupuncture and herbal medicine. Local employers I had previously worked with kept calling me, asking me do occupational medicine such as drug testing and work injuries. You can't get in the WC insurance networks without a medical doctor so I brought in Dr. Grady Shaw as our medical director.”

Dr. Williams said his business has been growing by leaps and bounds, mainly because he takes care of all the area’s major employers.

“We take care of the patient but we don’t try to milk the system,” he said. “We try to treat the injury and get the patient back to work very quickly.”

Dr. Williams said he works with city and county government as well as major area industries such as Russel Stover, True Value, Oil City Iron Works, Corsicana Mattress, Guardian, Pactiv and all the area trucking companies.

He also does school physicals at reduced price.

“We treat about 90 percent of area workers,” he said. “We have to find a way to get the patient well and do what’s right for employers.”

Dr. Williams said he tries to get workers back on the job very quickly, while some other agencies milk the system as long as they can.

“Under OSHA laws the employer has to report any injury that requires anything beyond first aid,” he said. “We treat injuries with first aid, if possible. There are many over-the-counter medicines which are best to treat these injuries, once you write a prescription it’s no longer considered first aid.”

Workforce Commission's 22nd Annual Texas Workforce Conference was held Nov. 28-30 in Houston. The award honors private sector employers that are actively involved with Texas Workforce Solutions and have made a positive impact on local government, employers, workers and the community.

MSAC-Enviva was nominated as the recipient for 2018 by local employers and selected by Workforce Solutions for North Central Texas because of the meritorious content and generous number of letters of recommendation. MSAC-Enviva supports the local workforce, police and fire department, local city and county government, and school districts by providing occupational medicine services and resources related to hiring, health and safety. This employer fully believes in the value of partnership and works diligently to ensure community sustainability in Corsicana and Ennis.

"Texas leads the nation in job creation because we continue to build and support partnerships that effectively connect employers to workers and equip job seekers with the innovative skills to help them succeed, " said TWX Commissioner Representing the Public, Robert D. Thomas.

MSAC-Enviva frequently utilizes State of Texas Workforce Solution services and advocates training staff and giving individuals the opportunity to realize their full career potential.


Medical Surgical & Compcare - Enviva

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