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Corsicana Mayor Don Denbow

Dear Citizens:

Every ten years the Federal Government counts every person living in the United States. This

exercise is essential to federal, state, county and local funding. It defines fair representation in the

House of Representatives, while state officials use the results to draw the boundaries of the

congressional and state legislative districts, adapting to population shifts.

The Census informs developers where growth trends are occurring and real estate investors use it to

plan new home construction and new neighborhood projects throughout the state and the country.

The job of conducting the Census count is that of the Federal Government. Being underreported, or

not getting an accurate count in Navarro County, will cause the community to miss out on available

federal funding. That’s why Judge H.M. Davenport and I are co-chairing a Complete Count

Committee to ensure the most accurate count possible. Leading up to, and during the 2020 Census,

this committee will begin with a training session and receive a toolkit with data on why it’s important

to be counted, how each person in the household must be counted, and that the information is strictly

confidential. The committee will reach out to people they know who might represent historically

underreported residents, and explain how to be counted.

For the first time in Census history, residents will have three options to complete the survey – online,

by mail, or by phone.

The Committee will spread the word through their own circles of influence; where they work, shop,

worship, teach, and meet with friends and family. There is a need for additional committee members

to help reach every major employer, school, church, social group and connectors throughout the

county. If you would like to be part of this important project through April 6, 2020, I encourage you

to contact me to receive more information.

Each completed survey is a building block to a better America and, it’s in the Constitution.

I can be reached at or 903-654-4803.

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