Homecoming mums have evolved from a simple chrysanthemum to larger-than life proportions. The Texas-only tradition grows bigger and bolder each year as teens try to outdo one another with the addition of stuffed animals, lights and even sound systems.

One Rice homecoming mom, Angie Newman, went to buy a mum for her son’s girlfriend toward the end of August and ended up with a whole shop full of them.


Corsicana Mum Supply

617 N. Main St. Corsicana

Open Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturday 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.



“I went to shop for mum supplies, as I did the year before, and the owner of the business said she was closing to focus on her sign shop,” she said. “They had a room packed with homecoming stuff. I asked her if she would sell the business. That was on a Thursday afternoon. “

Angie went home that night and talked to her husband Kevin about buying the business.

“Once he got over the shock and listened he was on board,” she said. “We came back Friday and bought the business.”

The building at 617 N. Main St. was still for rent and Angie and Kevin didn’t miss a beat getting Corsicana Mum Supply up and running.

“We moved everything in Saturday and Sunday and opened Monday morning at 10 a.m.,” she said.

Angie has been very busy since the Sept. 1 opening, as a few area schools have already hosted their homecoming celebrations.

As the name says, Corsicana Mum Supply offers mum-making materials but also specializes in handmade custom mums.

“Our biggest sellers are the pre-made backs and streamers,” she said. “Many mum-making individuals buy their supplies from me. I try to carry the surrounding schools’ colors. We have made mums for schools as far away as Ennis and Fairfield.”

Angie hopes to keep expanding in the off-season and offer fully assembled mums in the future.

“This is homecoming season but I plan to stay open all year,” she said. “We also offer baby mums and mesh wreath-making supplies.”

Follow Corsicana Mum Supply on Facebook for updates such as an upcoming wreath-making class in November.


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