In order to spread cultural awareness and celebrate the beautiful islands of Micronesia, Tuesday, April 2, Navarro College hosted its annual Micronesian Festival

 Many traditional foods were served and leis were handed out to get everyone into the spirit of the party.

 Kelaguen was served, a kind of a ceviche made with lemon juice, coconut, green onions, salt and spicy peppers that is used to marinate cooked chicken and other meats.

 A few groups preformed cultural dances to commemorate the Micronesian's homeland.

 Micronesian music is influential to those living in the Micronesian islands.” said Misty Reimim.

 It covers a range of styles from traditional songs, handed down through generations, to contemporary music.

 Reimim is a Micronesian-American, who's family is from the island of Chuuk. She was representing the island by setting up a table with information, pictures, and traditional necklaces to educate the public of her families origin.

 Navarro College offers a scholarship to students of Micronesian decent in memory of Herald Crouch, a longtime student advisor responsible for bringing past populations of Micronesian students to the area.