Navarro College

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The Navarro College Board of Trustees hosted the first of two required public hearings, Monday, Sept. 9 in the Bulldog Board Room on the Corsicana Campus. The purpose of the meetings is to gather input from the public about the Board’s intent to set the 2019-2020 fiscal year ad valorem tax rate at $0.1164. The rate is a decrease from the previous year’s $0.1218 per $100 of property valuation.

Navarro County property owners will see an increase in their property taxes due to increased appraisal values equating to $489,000 more revenue for the college.

George Procter-Smith, addressed the Board, asking them to consider maintaining the current $0.1218 tax rate.

“Sticking with the current rate would result in $202,174.38 in more revenue for the college in 2019-2020,” Procter-Smith said.

“The owner of a home valued at $118,513, would pay $7.27 more taxes under the current rate and $6.94 under the proposed roll-back rate,” he said.

Procter-Smith contends that tax payers can afford the additional 33 cents and that the additional revenue would help the college to provide financial assistance to students.

Financial Aid was identified as an area which the college could improve following the recently completed Student Satisfaction Surveys.

“I am happy and proud to support a quality community college in its quest for national recognition,” Procter-Smith said.

A final public hearing about the tax rate was held Thursday, Sept. 12 with no action taken. The next regular meeting of the Board of Trustees is Thursday, Sept. 19 inside the Bulldog Board Room 3200 W. Seventh Ave. in Corsicana.

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