Phone scam

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There is a new phone-based scam going around Corsicana targeting senior citizens. While these calls are taking advantage of recent tragic events, there are ways to identify and avoid losing money or bank account information to these fraudsters.

The current hoax involves a phone call from someone that claims to be from either the El Paso, Midland or Odessa police departments stating that the intended victim currently has a warrant out for their arrest, but the judge is willing to waive the warrant if the caller makes a donation to the Victims Fund for the recent El Paso and Odessa shootings. The hoax claims that the supposed judge is trying to help victims raise money.

It is important to know who is calling you. If residents get a call from an unfamiliar number and feel uneasy about answering, there are a few easy solutions to avoid fraudulent calls:

Let the call go to voice mail. If it is a friend, family member, or business that is legitimately trying to contact you, they will normally leave a message.

Use a search engine online to look up the phone number. A quick Google search of the phone number will usually let you know if these numbers are legitimate or not. Scammers make the rounds by calling multiple people, and if the number has a bad reputation, they quickly end up on “Unsafe number” and “Do not answer” based websites.

If you're still unsure, use the Better Business Bureau website If the company name or phone number aren't listed or don't match on the website, there is a high likelihood that it's a scam.

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